We assist in obtaining the needed compliance by providing some of the services as outlined below:

  1. Appointments required by legislation, from top to bottom. a) Responsible persons on sites. b) health and safety persons c) Fire. d) First aid etc.
  2. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments
  3. Daily close down procedures.
  4. Inspections:
    a) Housekeeping
    b) Dept. of Labour / Mineral Resources
    c) Insurers
  5. Incident prevention programme
  6. Incident investigation
  7. Emergency team duties
  8. Dangerous Goods (Hazardous Chemicals)
  9. Lock out and isolation procedures
  10. Fire fighting equipment training and obtaining approved authorities to service fire fighting equipment.
  11. Notices and symbolic signage.
  12. Advice on COID claims and advice on COID incentives.
  13. SHE committee meetings and prepare minutes
  14. Analysis and assessing reports from insurers and draw action plans.
  15. Draw up and implementation of safe operating procedures
  16. Legal registers / logbooks
  17. Obtaining the services of approved inspection authority from the Department of Labour to do Occupational Hygiene Risk Assessments (Noise, Lighting, Ventilation, Exposure to chemicals, Heat Stress.)
  18. Site inspections and audits of personnel, procedures, site housekeeping, equipment and report to management on the above.
  19. Auditing of systems.
  20. We will assist is setting up OHSA 18001 and ISO 14001 systems for companies.

Should you require references, we would be willing to supply you names and contact numbers of customers that we are currently providing services to.

We also have all the legal registrations with SARS, Department of Labour (UIF, COID / WCA) and, although exempt, we could provide a BEE score card / certificate. 

Service Provider Listing

Access to service providers that meet the criteria set out by NOSHCON and cover areas such as legal, insurance, security, fire equipment servicing, training and occupational hygiene risk assessments. We are currently also assisting an NGO, a non profit organisation and schools with their implementation of environment, health and safety and social and corporate responsibility.

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