Our Story

NOSHCON is a consulting company providing a service to industry for the past 26 years in the fields of environment, health and safety.  Our objective is to help company’s to comply with legislation as laid down by the Department of Labour, Department of Mineral Resources and Department of Water and Sanitation designed to meet the needs of industry and to proactively encourage and support the needs for occupational health and safety and environment, as well as their management teams in the achievement of their vision which classically is to establish, maintain and enhance the value of the industry, the employer and employees. 

NOSHCON’s services are aimed at all industries, large or small such as where a unique personal service can be provided. We are an organisation that practically engages with employers and employees over a wide field and offers a wide range of support services, provision of policies, procedures, tools and templates for the effective management of environment, health and safety in the workplace.

NOSHCON believes industry shares many common issues and challenges and that there is a great opportunity for increasing efficiencies through sharing information and disseminating collected information.

NOSHCON will help companies to fulfill not only their legal obligations, but also provide good governance and effective management.

NOSHCON strives to adapt to change and we continually revisit our priorities and services. As an organisation, we strive to meet the needs of industry. We help companies by facilitating these activities with specialist knowledge in the fields of environment, health and safety. We have also observed a shift by large corporations in their attitude towards contractors. To the corporations, contractors, while providing wonderful services, are a big liability to them in terms of environment, health and safety. Hence, these corporations are imposing more stringent requirements in their contracts to minimise their liability. The government departments also realise that contractors are also a liability to the corporations and have implemented strict legislation to cope with difficulty. 

We feel that we can provide a buffer between corporations and contractors, as well as reducing liability regarding environment and occupational health and safety.  We can do this by providing the prospective client with information that will satisfy the corporation as to the lessened liability and to the various legal departments that would also require the company to comply with legislation.

Business History

NOSHCON derived the name in 2007 when it was decided to abbreviate the name from National Occupational Safety and Health Consultancy. National Occupational Safety and Health Consultancy was started in the mid 80’s when a need was identified to help companies implement the requirements of the Machinery and Occupational Health and Safety act of 1983. The opportunity grew to assist companies implement NOSA and ISO systems, and this formed the nucleus of our business. After the Compensation Commissioner withdrew his funding of NOSA, we have continued to assist companies with their programmes on environment, health and safety. NOSHCON has also been assisting certain companies with their insurance risk. Today we continue to assist companies with implementation and application of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 1993, the Mines Health and Safety act and National Environmental Management act, among others.



Paul Chamen


For the last 26 years Paul has been assisting businesses, employer bodies, and employees in areas of environment, health and safety by implementing programmes and the generation of national standards and the formalisation of agreements for purposes legal compliance and common purpose. Paul has demonstrated that through honesty, passion, commitment and competence, he has assisted in bringing about the following:

  • Realised consistently high scores on external audits (in excess of 90%)
  • Savings on costs to insurance funds
  • Developed and implemented management systems ensuring sound practices
  • Assisted companies to maintain legal requirements
Paul has serviced companies from fast moving consumer goods, construction, forestry, chemical, mining, packaging, textile manufacturing, transportation / logistics and telecommunication industries.


Ronelle Affinand


Ronelle has had experience in the IT industry and assists with the administration and practical aspects of environment, health and safety.

Ronelle has been employed by NOSHCON for the past two years and is a valued part of the team. She has effectively built up relationships with clients, suppliers, contractors and the various government departments that deal with environment, health and safety.

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